Friday, 22 February 2013

6 days left


Just a gentle reminder guys. We now have six days remaining till our first deadline. I'm hoping everything is going well, if it isn't then never mind just try and get as much painted as you can.
Can you please post your progress on your Blogs or on here if Mart has invited you by the end of the month.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress.

Regards Skaltar


  1. Ill hopefully be doing a progress post on here linking with mine by mid next week at the latest.

    It's going okay, the crons are going slow though, I just am not enjoying painting them compared to the Ogres.

    Hows it going for everyone else?

  2. I'm happy (For a change) with my progress, 6 Bulls and 3 Ironguts (Plus 55 Night Goblins) if I can keep this up I'll have a lot more ogres done for the second phase. I'm gonna try out airbrushed basecoats for the flesh on larger groups of them all at once to speed things along a little.

  3. Last week has been real busy at work, last set I worked 9 days with 5 nights. To say I'm knackered is an understatement. However today progress has been made, more or less painted the whole day and the bone coloured warriors and Raider are looking pretty good. So those with the Haemonculus and Wracks will take me over the 250 points mark. I must admit these last two weeks have been a real chore to get any painting done, I started to think that I should have set a longer period between targets. But it's all good now I'm almost there.
    I'm hoping everyone else is doing as well as you guys...

  4. Im going to fail, but Im going down with a fight, if I could get my tacs done that could be 250pts if I kit them out! lmao.. here goes nothing.

    well done Shane btw! everyone else, keep going!

  5. Well done those that made an effort, I just still don't have the will for it.

  6. I'm going to fail... I've currently got a 43pt model painted....

    Started Logan Grimnar in a last ditch attempt.

    1. You can do it sir, you still have 3 days to go. I have faith in you!