Thursday, 28 February 2013

28th Feb, First Deadline.

Well as the title says its the first two month blog Deadline. How did I do? Well I made it. But only just.
Recently life has taken a whole new meaning in a hectic, crazy, busy sort of way. Its currently 22:20 as I'm typing this, not quite as bad as Shane and his 4am post but I'm cutting it fine.

So as we all know the aim was 250 points every two months for the 40K armies. I started off not really knowing what to do with my Dark Eldar. Originally I was going to strip back the paint on what I had already started and my Obsidian Rose Kabal would have been no more, but looking at the models just made me want to keep them as they were. There were two reasons mainly, a) I liked the colour scheme, b) I realised just how bloody long it took to paint that squad and didn't want all that hard work to go to waste.
That's when I came up with the idea of a Real Space Raid force made up of different Kabals and led by a Heamonculus also now known as MR H.
I had a few of the original Mr H's, but the new releases were definitely a lot more sick looking so off I went and purchased a new one, fear not I will also be using the old ones too.
What respectable Mr H would go to battle without a few toady's so I also bought him some Wracks to accompany him in battle and buff him with their wounds.
Transport wise I'm still undecided as what to go for and that's for another time.

So onto the painting, well I started off with just messing with a colour scheme for my Scourges and started with a tester that came out a lot better than I was expecting. I tried out new techniques but I also wanted to improve upon my basing skills. In the past I've just gone for the standard base, sand and some flock, but this time I wanted to expand on my knowledge and skills in the basing department.
Luke from the Warmachine club gets his bases spot on and I'm trying to emulate him. How the Hell he manages to do them is beyond me at the moment, but I think I'm slowly improving with each model and base that I complete, but its going to be a long road.
Anyway back to painting I've actually managed to do almost 375 points worth of figures and transport. Now some aren't completely finished I know, but that 375pts will help take some pressure off next months total as I will get them finished by then.
So onto the pictures. First up are Mr H and his Wracks. Now I tried several times to get a nice picture but my desktop just distracts the eye so I came up with a background picture. Its still WIP and hopefully its better than just a Monitor shelf with crap laying about on it.

PS can you guys tell what it's meant to be?

Mr H and his Wracks.

 A closer view, sorry guys I still haven't got a decent camera so its all done on the i-Pad.

Right, next is the item/ squad that has caused me the most concern so far. I liked the tester model colouring but replicating it onto the transport actually turned out a lot harder than I thought it would. I had concerns as soon as I started laying down the colour and asked you guys for your input. Thanks for all the advice by the way, in the end I knew it wasn't looking right in my eyes so I decided to continue painting. It took another week or so coming back to it, looking at it and stippling some more, applying real light washes so not to ruin the colour effect and this is what I ended up with.
So here are the Bone coloured, which I've decided to call the Splintered Bone Kabal.

Squad of the Splintered Bone Kabal.

Of course here is the thing that caused the issue in the first place, their Raider Transport.

So whats next? Well a few things I need to finish off are the gun barrels on 5 of the Warriors and some more detailing. The gun barrel on the Raider and I have to find the rudder that controls the transport (I've packed it away somewhere) most of the stuff to finish is basically gun metal items, so hopefully no biggy to do.
Also I need to add Decals to the Raiders sails and the squads banner carrier, minor things but it all helps it stand out.
Well I hope this gives everyone a morale boost and please keep the updates coming.

Thanks for reading



  1. Absolutely fantastic! The transport is looking just right now, I'm glad you had the bottle to go back and play some more and the warriors in bone armour look brilliant. I would really like to see a whole army in that colour but it's also whet my appetite to see what other schemes you can come up with for the other Kabals.

    Inspirational stuff sir! Bravo!.

  2. Looking lovely! Love the bone on the raider. Thats lovely.

    Look forward to seeing more.