Friday, 19 April 2013

Phase 2 Complete.

"Although this has taken the pressure off me it has also... taken the pressure off!! so even though I'm eager to continue working on them, there is a little niggling worry at the back of my head that with the absence of pressure I'll fall back into my pattern of procrastination."

One month into phase 2 and it seems I am blessed as some kind of seer or prophet. Not only have I failed to paint any more ogres, I have so far watched 13 series of law and order, 2 series of suits and 3 series of walking dead in an attempt to avoid two models that have me terrified to put paint to.

Butchers....  Ogre bulls and ironguts are so detail-free and simple to complete that I have become very complacent, the detail on the butcher models came as a huge shock and has sent me reeling. Once I'd greenstuffed them and got them undercoated I froze and did everything I could think of to avoid working on them. Here they are in all their glory:

Scarey eh?

Once these were built and undercoated the tv marathon began. Next I spent several days reminiscing about my larping adventures and scowering the internet looking for a costume for this years gathering. A "friend" of mine at the club, one Kenny Wilson then lured me with pretty words and gifts of plastic to start work on an isengard army for LOTR SBG...bastard!! See below:

I have also built and painted the next 8 bases for my ogre force (which I guess is a silver lining)

I was lucky enough to be invited to join some friends at the club for a friendly doubles battle where I played the ogre part, I was even supplied the ogres by the most generous Paul Makin. This let me get a feel for the fatties on the table and also afforded me the chance to check out his painted butcher model. Once I'd seen it with colours on I was far less intimidated and more confident I could at least complete them as well as his.... effort :P

Back to the table I dashed, sat down and was sent scuttling away with my tail between my legs once more. I'm sure Paul must have got a different model!!

More procrastination, 5 series of Castle, the new series of Supernatural, the Big Bang Theory... the list goes on.

So today I decided that I'd reach into my girlfriends handbag and retrieve my balls. (She's in hospital so can't stop me) Balls in hand I set out to paint me some ogre!! and have managed to throw down the basecoat of the flesh on these two bad boys. Until I can finally unveil them I will leave you with a couple of pics of the whole painted force as it stands:


Sorry for the lengthy bollocks, please let me know if I should cut the chatter and just provide pics ;)

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