Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Angry's Necron Progress - Necron Immortals and Night Scythe Complete

Put the finishing touches to my first 5 Immortals and their Night Scythe. 
Can check out more photos over on my site HERE

Hope you like it, and look forward to everyone else's progress updates. :) 


  1. Looking really good sir! Soooo glad I'm not doing this thing alone, I was beginning to think I was!

  2. No, still here. I am going to work like a trooper to get my Ogres finished in time now. And I will make an effort to not start late in the next section!! :)

    We will have to have a game when we have 1K points.

  3. Sorry guys, I havent been around. Just lack of time and the such.

  4. No problem mate, I understand that most people aren't nearly as sad as I am. How're the marines coming on?